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Prepare a Crab Cake in 7 Easy Steps

Enjoy Basta Pasta's signature crab cake recipe!

Enjoy Basta Pasta’s signature crab cake recipe!

Italian cuisine is incredibly versatile and includes recipes that feature pasta, seafood, and delicious flavors. With the right ingredients and a great recipe, you can create many delectable dishes in your own kitchen. If crab cakes have been calling your name, here’s a great way to make crab cakes in just seven easy steps. Follow these directions and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a lovely meal.

  1. Crab cakes start with quality ingredients, and that includes fresh crab meat. Head to your favorite seafood counter in your local grocery store or even a seafood market to find the best selection.
  2. After you’ve chosen where you want your crab meat to come from, remember that lump meat will make for the best crab cakes. These larger lumps of meat create richer bites that you and your family will enjoy. Plus, you’ll get a better taste of the sweet flavor that crabs are known for.
  3. To help form and bind your crab cakes together, mayonnaise is an excellent choice. The smooth texture and light flavor won’t keep the crab meat from being the star of the show. It’s the best choice for creating a stable and perfectly formed crab cake.
  4. To add starch to your crab cakes, the best choice is oyster crackers. The saltiness is a nice complement to the flavor of the crab and the texture will help create that subtle crunch on the outside of your cakes.
  5. Your secret ingredient will be a hint of mustard. Adding mustard to the mixture will boost the flavor and add a tanginess that your family and friends will be asking about.
  6. Now it’s time to mix. It’s important not to overmix your crab cake mixture as you want to keep the lump pieces of crab as whole as possible. Using a soft spatula will help keep the lumps whole.
  7. Form your crab cakes into your desired sizes and place them onto a skillet that has been preheated with vegetable oil.  

Enjoy Delicious Crab Cakes at Basta Pasta

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