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Popular Italian Cuisine Dishes

Italian Cuisine

When you go to Italian restaurants, do you often find yourself ordering the same items? Sure, the Chicken Parmesan is a great, classic meal, but why not try something new next time? Italian tradition and history is partly based on the food of the region. Check out a few of Italy’s most popular foods that you may not have tried before:


o   Risotto – Similar to rice, Risotto is prepared in a broth and has a creamy consistency. Risotto is usually meat-based or fish-based, and can be flavored in numerous ways. Usually served before the main meal, Risotto almost always includes Parmesan cheese, butter, and onion.

o   Minestrone – A vegetable and bean soup with a thick consistency, this is an Italian favorite. It is usually served before the main course, and is usually made up of beans, onions, celery, carrots, stock, and tomatoes.

o   Zuppa di Pesce – This translates to “fish soup”. It is a fish stew made up of ingredients local to the area.

o   Ossobuco – This dish is composed of shin of veal with marrowbone. It is served in a tomato and wine sauce, and is enjoyed as a main course.

o   Zuppa di Cozze – This directly translates to “mussel soup”. However, this dish isn’t exactly a soup, but just describes the way the mussels are prepared. The mussels are served in a white wine, garlic, and parsley sauce.


These dishes are some of the most popular in Italy. However, they will most likely be prepared in different ways depending on the region. But we can’t forget dessert!


o   Tiramisu is Italy’s most famous dessert. Made with sponge cake, espresso, and mascarpone cheese, it’s topped with powdered cocoa, and definitely known as a classic Italian favorite that can’t be skipped.

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