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Wine Menu Spotlights: Merlot

Date Night at Basta PastaAs we continue to highlight popular wine choices from our menu, we will make the jump to a red wine. Merlot is a classic red wine that many adults tend to reach for when they head out for an Italian dinner. Merlot pairs well with many Italian cuisines and can be a staple in many wine cabinets. So what should you know about Merlot?

While some may shy away from Merlot because of misconceptions, these shouldn’t be believed. Merlot has become quite the popular choice for those who enjoy red wine. A lot of that popularity stems from the ability to pair a glass of Merlot with almost any dish. One the large spectrum of red wine, from wet to dry, Merlot falls in the middle. This means that a glass of Merlot can pair well with just about any dish, while other reds are usually only paired with certain meals. Merlot is best paired with chicken and beef dishes, usually with a heavier sauce. Fish entrees with delicate filets could become overpowered by the red wine, but a heartier sauce could carry the dish through.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not all bottles of Merlot are the same. The climate in which the wine is made can change the flavor notes of the Merlot, so be sure to check your labels before you make a decision. Cooler climates like those in Italy in France can create an earthy Merlot, which can even be mistaken for a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. A warmer climate will lend itself to a Merlot with more notes of fruit.

Wine Choices with Basta Pasta

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