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Wine Menu Spotlights: Zinfandel

177700446While this wine may not hail from Italy, it is still a popular choice when enjoying Italian cuisine. This native wine of California is known in three different varieties and can be enjoyed by any wine enthusiast.

So what should you know about Zinfandel?

California is the only area that creates this wine and it is made in three different strengths. You can enjoy Zinfandel in a light, medium, and heavy strength which makes it the perfect wine to pair with a number of different dishes. The lighter variety of Zinfandel is considered an easier wine to enjoy, which means many enjoy a glass while they are simply relaxing or eating a light meal. A medium Zinfandel typically includes a fruity flavor profile with gentle tannins. A strong Zinfandel will have a bolder flavor profile and tannins. No matter which flavor profile you choose, the ability to pair a glass of Zinfandel with a dinner item is easy. Lighter flavors can be easily paired with a chicken or seafood dish while deeper flavors can be paired with heavier entrée items.

So what are tannins?

Tannins are the acids that can be found within the skins of grapes and the oak barrels used to create different wines. Tannins are typically found in red wines and are used as a preservative that allows the wine to age naturally without the need to add any chemicals. The more tannin added to a wine, the more bitter the taste and flavor profile. If you wish to experience a full taste of tannin, reach for a glass of dark red wine. A full bodied Zinfandel with provide you with a positive tannin experience while a Bordeaux will provide you with a more intense experience.

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