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The Art of Pairing Beer with Italian Food

The Art of Pairing Beer with Italian Food

Discover how to pair beer with Italian cuisine, and visit Basta Pasta this weekend to celebrate the occasion!

This Saturday, September 7, is National Beer Lover’s Day! Pizza and beer is a popular combination, but there are a variety of other ways to pair your favorite hoppy beverage with Italian food! Discover how to pair beer with Italian cuisine, and visit Basta Pasta this weekend to celebrate the occasion! 

Try Something New 

Italian cuisine is most commonly associated with wine, particularly prosecco. The next time you dine, try something new and consider pairing your meal with a cold beer! Experts recommend pouring your beer into a wine glass or champagne flute to mimic the ritual of dining with wine. Consider a beer with fine bubbles, such as a lambic! Lambic beer flavored with fruit, such as cherry, pairs exceptionally well with cheese and ciabatta. 

Beer and Pasta

What’s your favorite pasta dish from Basta Pasta? Everything is delicious, from the Fettuccine Alfredo to the Chicken Cacciatore! The next time you dig into a big bowl of pasta, consider pairing it with a classic beer! Beer experts recommend pairing a farmhouse-style ale with your next pasta dish. Not only does the beer complement the acidity of tomatoes, but it also cools the palette after a particularly spicy bite!  If you prefer your pasta with a little kick, consider pairing it with a tall glass of Italian pilsner! 

Beer and Dessert 

Beer isn’t only reserved for appetizers and the main course. Pairing a beer with dessert is surprisingly refreshing! Consider sweetened, aged beers that are higher in sugar and alcohol. Signature desserts such as tiramisu and panna cotta pair well with an Italian barleywine. Are you a chocolate lover? Enjoy dark chocolate between sips of a vibrant, double bock ale. Your taste buds will thank you! 

Non-Alcoholic Pairings 

While pairing beer and Italian food is delicious, there are plenty of non-alcoholic pairings that are just as enticing! The world’s best chefs recommend enjoying a charcuterie board of Italian cheese with tea (both hot and cold). Not only does tea compliment the flavor of the cheese, but it can also bring out new flavors! The next time you prepare a delicious pasta dish, pair with a glass of sparkling water or lemonade! Bon appétit!


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